Semi Automatic Stitching Machine

semi auto stitching machine


semi auto stitching machine

Japan Imported double servo drive,precision accuracy,mechnical transmission part is reduce,which can effectively reduce the failure rate of the machinery.
Nail box machine the whole control system adopts OMRON PLc control system.
The nail box machine control box contractor used German SIEMENS brand.
The relay circuit breaker using French brand schneider,photoeletric and proximity switch with Japan's OMRON brand.
The bottom die blade adopts Japanese tungsten steel production(wear).
The nail box machine whole set of nail head all adopt the special steel manufacturing ,computer precision CNC machining.
The transform carton size and adjusting nail carton fromjust one minute can be completed,greatly saves time andis convenient to operate.
It can nai a lid box and carton no cover(no cover box to nail in the case of ordering machinery must benoted when.)
The automatic nail box machine after the paragraph with the function of automatic counting ,finisj=hed cartons can be set according to the number (1-99) sub stack sent to the conveying machinery terminal ,ci=onvenient bunding.
The machine speed:600 nails per minute.
The nail spacing:30-120mm adjustable.
A dual-purpose can nail a monolithic ground nail carton,twin sheet nail carton,irregular box.
The dimensions using all electric control ,transform size only 2-3 minutes.
It can nail nails/single,double screw,stengthening nails(two double nail in the middle part of single screw) once completed,can be suitable for different customer requirements of different kinds of nail The nail spacing:30-120mm adjustable.
The automatic nail box machine to send the front automatic counting paper,finished sending strapping.
The automatic nail box machine is suitable for small and medium-sized cartons factrory,rapid and labor-saving binding.
The nail box machine adopts touch screen operation,parameters(screw pitch,the number of nails,nail,tailgate) convenient and quick transformation.
The bottom without a cover can also screw.(special instruction)
The suitable for the three layer,five layer corrugated paper,the seven layer(seven layer need special instrucion.)
The machine adopts four servo motor(two head motor and two screw pitch control motor)
The machine adjustment(optional)
All the four servo nail box machine has applied for national patent
The stacking machine(optional).
The automatic feeding machine(optional).



corrugated box stitching machine

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